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Fundraising Leadership is a community of nonprofit professionals focused on developing our leadership skills in order to advance ourselves and the organizations we serve.  

Premium Members gain access to resources that can be put into practice--immediately. Here's what you get:

-Helpful articles and podcasts on fundraising, leadership, management, and career development.
-One to two emails per week with links to timely and helpful content.

Premium Membership Includes:

-The Essential Leadership Guide for Nonprofit Professionals
-The Guide to Creating a Culture of Accountability
-The Fundraising Leadership Essential Reading List

Premium Members can immediately access the Corporate Relations Course ($150 value).  In this online self-paced course, you learn how to build relationships with corporations moving them from prospects to partners.

Premium Members are also entitled to one DISC Assessment and Debrief Session OR SDI Assessment and Debrief Session (Your choice.  $350 value) with a Certified Executive Coach.

That's $500 of value for $179.

(The Fee for Premium Membership is non-refundable)

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