Retain Your Staff

According to a recent Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) report, half (50%) of fundraisers surveyed reported that they intend to leave their jobs in the next two years. 

That's astounding!  Imagine losing half your fundraising staff over the next two years. 

And, you know that retaining your fundraisers is especially critical because of the intimate connections that they have with donors.   When fundraisers leave their jobs, those relationships are impacted, and fundraising results can suffer. 

Don't let this happen to you and your organization.

Each year you and your staff are under more stress. The pressure on advancement and development teams to generate the financial support needed for essential programs is increasing.

And, there remain many misconceptions about fundraising—and what it takes to create a successful (and satisfied) fundraising team. 

This program starts with encouraging the vulnerability that is needed to create trust.  You will practice three essential coaching skills that improve relationships with your staff.  You will end gossip on your team by fostering a culture of integrity and candor.  This includes the art of acknowledging your staff for who they are (and what they do) while also providing feedback. 

A key outcome of this program will be learning how to consciously design the alliance with your colleagues that creates the environment needed to retain your top performers and get results. 

This program will help you retain your staff.  That's our promise.

Nicole Shares What She Learned

Turnover Costs Time and Money

  • Resume Reviews

    Time Screening for Qualifications

  • Initial Interviews

    Time Narrowing Down the Field

  • Onsite Interviews

    Time Determining Fit

  • Onboarding

    Time Integrating New Hires

  • Getting Up to Speed

    Time Learning the Culture and Meeting with Donors

  • Advertising the Position

    Fees for Online Postings

  • Hiring a Recruiter

    Recruiter Fees to Generate a Candidate Pool

  • Covering Travel Expenses

    Fees to Bring Candidates to Visit

  • Broken Relationships

    Lost Donations

  • Specific Training

    Fees for new Employee Orientation

Program Schedule


Modules (6 Hours of Learning)

  • Introductions and orientation (consciously designing the workshop)
  • Encouraging vulnerability to increase trust (group activity)
  • Creating a coaching culture (discussion, demo and coaching practice)
  • Ending gossip by fostering a culture of candor (feedback tool, demo, and practice)
  • Providing acknowledgments (group activity)
  • Designing alliances that strengthen your team (group activity)
  • Completion (consciously completing the workshop)

This Program Works Equally Well Onsite or Online

You Will Learn How To

  • Build Trust on Your Team

    Create an Environment of Integrity

  • Improve Communication

    Learn About Radical Candor

  • Develop Confidence as a Manager and Leader

    Empower Your Team

  • End Gossip

    Create a Structure for Healthy Debate

  • Encourage Your Team to Dream Big

    Learn how to Challenge and Champion

  • Deal with Difficult Emotions

    Be a Vulnerable and Compassionate Leader

Course Facilitators


David Langiulli is a certified professional coach (CPCC, PCC) who works with nonprofit executives to help them flourish and thrive. David's experience spans the university and corporate sectors for over three decades. Most recently he led a fundraising team at Princeton which consisted of 10 professionals responsible for $35 million in annual support to the University. Several thousand nonprofit leaders interested in self- development, leadership, and management follow David's blog on LinkedIn. He’s a graduate of the Coaching Training Insitute's Leadership and Coaching programs and holds master’s degrees in business and engineering, as well as an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics-engineering. As a volunteer, David coaches youth classes at his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy and serves on the Board of Directors for the Collier-Lee Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Janice3Janice Cunning is a certified professional coach and facilitator who is passionate about partnering with fundraisers and teams to help them create an inspired vision that transforms lives. She was previously a Senior Consultant at KCI, Canada’s largest fundraising consulting firm. Janice earned a BA in History from Trent University, a Master of Library Science from the University of Toronto and completed CTI’s Leadership program. An active volunteer, Janice recently served as Vice President and Secretary for the International Coach Federation – Toronto Chapter.

Michelle Maloy Dillon is a certified executive coach and facilitator of experiential learning programs that help individuals, groups and organizations embrace change and consciously create their future. With over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience, she brings a playful and creative mindset to leadership development. Her most recent work involves facilitating leadership development and coaching for executives and front line leaders in the construction materials and banking industries. Michelle is a graduate of CTI’s Leadership program and holds a CPCC certification through the Coaches Training Institute and a PCC certification through the International Coaching Federation. As a volunteer, Michelle serves as a coach for The Coaching Fellowship, a non-profit dedicated to developing young women leaders.

What People Say About the Fundraising Leadership Team

"David and Janice do an extremely good job making you feel comfortable and encouraging you to take risks." -- Maria Gagnon, Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Child and Family Services of New Hampshire.

Janice and David created a remarkably comfortable environment for our workshop.  As facilitators, they are diverse and unique individuals that are also articulate, sensitive and fun! Because they are certified coaches with real-life fundraising experience, they were able to share personal and professional stories and examples that were relevant to our everyday fundraising and leadership roles. I was inspired by the role play and exercises.  I thank them for challenging us and sparking this change.” -- Renee Beneteau, Director of Philanthropy, YMCA of Greater Toronto

"I enjoy the different coaching and teaching styles of David and Janice. I will be recommending this course to other colleagues at UM." -- Stella Wixom, Executive Director, University of Michigan Business Engagement Center

"We had a lot of fun and connected with David and Janice as neutral but wonderfully engaged facilitators. They bring great credibility as seasoned advancement professionals and a proven record of accomplishment.  I look forward to working with the Fundraising Leadership team in the future and unreservedly recommend them to others. -- Krista Slade, Executive Director, Advancement, Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto

"Janice and David are excellent trainers.  They are engaging, practical, and they will definitely challenge you to learn and grow." -- James Vanderlaan, Resonate Global Mission.