Transform Your Crisis to an Opportunity

This session is designed for organizations that have recently experienced a crisis, scandal, or major disruption like the loss of key staff, layoffs, financial stress.

Major Outcomes

  • Deepen Trust in the Organization

    Reconnect to Purpose and Passion

  • Improve Communication

    Engage in Conversations of Possibility

  • Explore, Navigate, and Innovate

    Create a New Story

  • Develop Confidence in Dealing with Crisis

    Empower Stakeholders

This Retreat Toolkit Includes

Group Exercises to get Stakeholders out of Theory and into Action

A Detailed Facilitation Guide with Step-by-Step Guidance for Team Leaders, Executive Directors, or Board Chairs

Workshop Schedule

Half-Day (Three Hour) Session

Welcome and Creating Connection

Team Agreements 

Exploring Where We Are Now

Full-Permission Conversations

Client Stories

Writing a New Story

Integration and Commitments


This Program Works Equally Well Onsite or Online

External Facilitators

Margaret Katz Cann (CPCC) specializes in executive fundraising coaching, board training and consulting, working with nonprofit and startup executives. She takes a deep dive into their leadership, helping people stop tripping over their ask, clean up their relationship with money, and connect to passion and leadership – so that they may step into the world of compelling fundraising. Margaret is an experienced and joyful fundraiser herself, having spent 22 years at the Community Foundation Boulder County. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Cornell University, a master’s in journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and also completed CTI’s Leadership Program. She works with nonprofits doing a variety of work to make a difference in the world.

Michelle Maloy Dillon (CPCC, PCC) is an experienced entrepreneur, trainer, and certified professional Co-Active coach who specializes in leadership development. With over twenty years of entrepreneurial business experience, she brings a playful and creative mindset to leadership development. As a coach, she is passionate about helping her clients be aware of their strengths and stretching themselves as leaders to be conscious of their impact. Michelle holds a PCC certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a CPCC certification through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). She is also a CTI faculty member, teaching coaching skills that shift the leadership paradigm to one of self-authorship, self-authority, and relationship. As a volunteer, Michelle provides coaching to United Nations humanitarian staff located around the world.

What People Say About This Retreat

"This retreat helped our team clearly see the path forward and engage our stakeholders in a healthy way."

"The program helped us remember the good work we do, and also how to engage with donors and clients more authentically."

The Program Works Well for Groups/Teams/Boards of up to 20 Participants