Moving From Prospect to Partner

Are you a nonprofit leader who wants to excel at maintaining a high level of engagement between your organization and your corporate partners?  Do you struggle with that from time-to-time?  Then this course is for you.

Corporate relations is both an art and science.  The science requires that you hone your prospecting and outreach skills.  The art involves the verbal dance associated with having powerful conversations.   Success requires that you master both. 

The current economic environment is causing increased engagement between nonprofit organizations and their corporate counterparts.   Professionals who do this well are shifting from a transaction model to a relationship mindset.   This new approach involves a unique set of activities that build trust, familiarity, and meaningful results. 

A recent position paper by the Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO)  concluded that “corporate relations is most effective when practiced in a culture that recognizes and embraces the value and methods of building comprehensive engagement.”  It also highlights the need for professionals to "obtain the tools and resources necessary to accomplish articulated goals."  

The Corporate Relations Course was specifically designed to address this environment.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, this training course will challenge you to think and act differently.  You will learn to develop and practice the essential skills and techniques required to succeed in building and sustaining relationships with corporate partners.

You Will Gain Essential Skills
To Help You:

  • Identify the right people to engage at the right companies

    Increase your appointments with busy executives.

  • Learn how to have conversations that deepen relationships

    Enroll prospective partners in what your nonprofit is up to.

  • Move conversations from possibility to reality

    Follow through effectively to get results.

  • Keep in touch in a deliberate and meaningful way

    Create a program that will keep relationships moving in the right direction.

  • Develop a system that increases your effectiveness and efficiency

    Keep track of everything in a CRM.

  • Get feedback from partners and renew the relationship

    Steward relationships already in place.

This Self-Directed Course Includes

Ten detailed "how-to" video tutorials.

Podcasts featuring lessons and demos.

Exercises to help you put the learning into practice.

Guided reading and writing assignments.

Several templates that you can download, modify, and use.

Suggested scripts for generating Linkedin connections and appointments.

Extra materials for more advanced practice.

Course Schedule

Week I - Your LinkedIn Profile

Why LinkedIn is Essential to Corporate Relations Work.

Week II - Prospecting

Finding and Engaging the Right People.

Week III - Generating Appointments

Moving from LinkedIn Connection to Appointment.

Week IV - Powerful Conversations

Listening, Being Curious and Using Your Intuition.

Week V - Planning and Keeping Score

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.

Week VI - Stewarding Relationships

Renewing the Relationship While Getting Feedback and Referrals.

Course Facilitator


David Langiulli is a certified professional coach who works with nonprofit executives to help them flourish and thrive. David's experience spans the university and corporate sectors over nearly three decades. Most recently he led a fundraising team at Princeton which consisted of 10 professionals responsible for $35 million in annual support to the University. He regularly consults with Universities and other nonprofits as an expert in corporate relations having spent 20 years of his professional life at the intersection between the nonprofit and corporate worlds.  Several thousand nonprofit leaders interested in self- development, leadership, and management follow David's blog on LinkedIn. He’s a graduate of CTI’s Leadership program and holds master’s degrees in business and engineering, as well as an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics-engineering. As a volunteer, David serves on the Board of Directors of Volare Youth Leadership, a nonprofit that helps teens discover their purpose and passion.

What People Say About This Course

"It's a great course to rethink how you are reaching out to prospects. Some of the tools and techniques I previously knew about, and now I am using them more effectively for the benefit of building relationships." -- Megan Fine, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Denver Zoological Foundation

"I love what you've done!  Even some refresher for me!  Spot-on for those new to corporate relations.  I will have a few of my relationship managers to do this course.  The review and new content will be amazing for them! -- Stella Wixom, Executive Director, University of Michigan Business Engagement Center

 "This course will provide solid insights into how to develop corporate relationships. Much of what you learn you may already do in some form or another... but this course will embolden you to formalize your corporate relations strategy and may give you a few ideas that you didn't already know." -- Ryan Benitez, Associate Director, Ashinaga USA.